CRAVEzero: Special Issue of Journal “Nachhaltige Technologien”

The CRAVEzero Consortium is responsible for an edition of the journal “nachhaltige technologien” about life cycle costs of buildings.

There are costs for constructing buildings, but there are also costs with regard to the whole life cycle of a building. Defining the life cycle of a building different periods can be determined: the production of building materials (building products), the construction and utilisation period as well as the disposal period. Currently, if buildings are planned, the construction period is well considered, whereas the utilisation period is considered unsufficiently and the disposal period often is neclected.

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According to the European Commission 50% of the produced materials and energy consumption and a third of the water usage account for construction and usage of buildings. Moreover the building sector is responsible for about 30% of waste (construction, usage, renovation and dumping of constructing materials.

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Therefore it is very important to consider all these aspects to a much higher extent in future. Requirements for sustainable buildings can be realised as soon as economic, ecologic and health aspects are considered within their interdependency. The current issue of „nachhaltige technologien“ deals with integral planning with regard to building life cycles and addresses innovative and interesting approaches.