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The recently published report “D5.1: Typology canvas of business models” covers the development and detailed description of a methodology for the analysis of business models (BMs) within the framework of nZEBs. With this methodology the CRAVEzero project partners were able to describe, validate and evaluate their own BMs. The analysis comprises a total of 17 BMs. They are bundled and their main characteristics are provided and compared according to the Business Model Canvas.

Figure 1: Life cycle phases of nZEBs and business model allocation

The analysed BMs refer to different phases in the life cycle of a building (see Figure 1) and also have different stakeholder perspectives, namely:

  • Real Estate Developers,
  • Planners,
  • General Contractors,
  • Engineering and Construction,
  • FM/ Building operator and
  • Urban Planner.

Critical success factors (strengths and key factors) for nZEB-related BMs were identified using the method applied (see Figure 2 and Figure 3). Key strengths, which are essential for several models offered, are the “Guarantee of Comfort and Performance”, “Valuable Project Management”, “Cost reduction/Guarantee of Costs” and “Human Expertise and Experience”.

Figure 2: Cross-Analysis   of BMs’ strengths

For the realisation of cost-effective nZEBs, “Competences/Know-how/Experience” was identified as the key factor. “Customer Relationship” and “Collaborations/Partners” also are important key factors for BMs related to nZEBs.

Figure 3: Cross-Analysis of BMs’ key factors

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